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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Clear Body Clear Mind - My version

Clear Body Clear Mind - My version

OK, i dont want to mislead people. My version is not intended to replace theirs.
My version is for people who cant go through their program for one reason or antother.
I started using NIACIN and a SAUNA together, mush as dscribed in this book, before it ever came out.
I was also using certian herbs and eating certian fruits.
Their program (from the book I read) asks you to be with someone who has already gone through it.
This presents a problem for many people, especially sice the book has been linked to Scientology.
In my program, you can do this all by yourself, and cheaper !

their book is called....

Clear Body Clear Mind

We live in a chemically-oriented society. People in the United States are constantly subjected to chemical poisons including pesticides, illegal drugs and even preservatives from food. The residues from these poisons can stay in the system for years. They damage not only your health but your ability to think clearly. The program that is explained in Clear Body, Clear Mind is the only effective program that eliminates the devastating effects of drugs and toxins. Hundreds of thousands have done this program and live happier, more perceptive and aware lives as a result. This book provides a complete description of the New Life Detoxification Program developed by L. Ron Hubbard to remove residues from the body. It is the same technology that is used in the Narconon® drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

The program calls for you to take NIACIN, then sit in a sauna to sweat out the toxins that the niacin has released from your body.
You have to take precaution, becuase with the amount of seating needed, you will loose many minerals and fatty acids. My version of this program is much shorter, and while it might not do quite as good a job, it is much safer, and easier to do, with much less stress on the body. I think my version comes fairly close to the results obtianed from their program as well.

If you havent done so, first read my INTRO.

Things you will need.
Note, this is a MUCH smaller list (and much cheaper) than the books.
Many of the vitamins and minerals i will suggest you take MORE than the RDA.
The RDA is a guide to how much you should have every day, and the RDA has been disputed by many reputable doctors.
The RDA is a suggested DAILY intake, and since most of us do NOT get what we need, a short term high intake will not hurt you. I am not suggesting to take these levels for more than a week though.
Many have said they way the RDA is structured, it recommends the MINIMUM amount you NEED to SURVIVE, not the OPTIMAL amount that can help you !

The amounts I suggest below are guides, and you can TWEAK them to your own use. Larger people may need a bit more, as well as people who have bad diets.
I also have a suggested meal list, which will help you to reduce the amounts of vitamins and minerals you need for this program. Even with the list, I still suggest you take what I recomend below though.

If you stay longer in the sauna, you will need more minerals also.
I also VERY MUCH suggest you read the links to the vitamins, this will help you even when you are finished the program.

1) Niacin (vitamin B3)
Make sure NOT to get time released Niacin
You will need at least 20 for the first DETOX.
Get the 100mg size, its around $3 for 100 count.
Make sure its NOT Niacinamide !

2) A sauna.
Hopefully, you can use a gym, or someplace that has a hot tub, sauna, or steamroom.
If you cant, then i dont suggest you go any further.
I have turned the heater on in my bathroom, and run the hot water, mimicking a steam room, but you have to be able to get it HOT and keep it hot for at least an hour !

3) Mandrake root.
This makes you use the bathroom.
Excreting waste is important. You can buy this online pretty cheap. I buy the root cut, and you take about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of it.
Be careful, you should read up on mandrake before using it !
That said, I have used it 100's of times, with no bad effects, but if you take too much this can happen...
remeber though, this guy took over 48x the amount you should take !

4) Clacium, Magnesium, Vitamin D.
You can buy these together which is best, or seperate.
Personally, i do NOT like multivitamins, many of them do not get absorbed well.
You shoud take double the amounts during the program of Calcium Magnesium, and vitamin D.
this wont hurt you a bit short term.
Cod Liver oil is high in D as well as vitamin A and fatty acids, and is highly suggested here.
Recomended Magnesium ascorbate = 500mg to 1gram
Recomended Calcium= 1g to 3grams
Recomended Vitamin D = 400 to 600 IU

5) Omega 3 fatty acids.

Start taking these a couple of days before you start the program.

6) Vitamin C

You will need to take at least 6,000 mg a day.
This amount wont hurt you a bit, even long term, but feel free to bring it down to 2 grams a day, when the programs over. If you can get it with Rose Hiips, or
Bioflavonoids, thats much better.
Of course you can get the
Bioflavonoids by eating the white parts inside oranges, lemons etc...

7) B complex.
This isnt totally necisarry, but much suggested, as you will loose some B vitamins in the sweating process.

8) Mineral complex.

You can try and get all the minerals you need seperately, but i suggest getting a complex, its easier. If you can, try and get the liquid, it absorbs easier. Colloidal Minerals if possible.
If you do get the complex, the suggestion would be to take at the very least 1 dose per day, and recomended 2 to 3 doses a day.
If you dont get the complex, you will also need
a) Selenium
b) Zinc 12mg to 30mg
c) potassium 1 to 3 grams
d) iron 10mg to 30mg
e) chromium
30mg to 50mg

read about ALL minerals here

9) lemon Juice (real lemon are better) keep this handy and put a few tablespoons in a glass of water. drink 4 to 5 glasses a day

You can use any other salve that does the same thing. I like "tiger balm" but its hard to find. You will rub this on your skin i the sauna. (optional, but suggested)
Its important to get the blood to the skin when you take the niacin, the Sweeds, used to hit each other with small braches with leaves on them I have actually rubbed a hair comb on my skin to get this objective.

I use mountainroseherbs.com
you should be able to purchase most of what you need there
You should get 1/2 ounce of each (or more)

Barberry Root

Bilberry Leaf (optional)

Red Clover
Helps to detox. High in IRON, Vitamin A and minerals

Dandelion root:
You dont need to take extra potassium if you take this.

Milk thistle : Milk Thistle is one of the most potent liver-protecting herbs known. Prevents liver destruction and enhances liver function by inhibiting free radicals and leukotrienes. It stimulates liver protein synthesis and is an all-around liver support.

Alfalfa: Alfalfa the richest land source of trace minerals. A builder, cleaner, infection fighter. Breaks down poisonous carbon dioxide.

Foods and Diet
I am a vegetarian, but IF you HAVE to eat meat, eat very small amounts, and make it chicken, no red meat!.
Fruit should be a BIG part of this program, eat plenty. Any fruit is OK, citrus is recomended. The white part on the inside of citrus fruits are very high in bioflavonoids.
Greens !!!
dark green lettuce is much better than iceberg, and spinach is very high in iron. Eggplant is even higher in iron than spinach !
Carrots are very high in beta-carrotene, a precurser to vitamin A.
Shredded raw carrots are better, chew them well.
Shreeded beets are great as well, and are good for your kidneys.
NO SUGARS, keep the simple carbs very low as well, like white bread (just eat whole wheat, make sure it says
whole wheat, or not bleached on the label)
Brown rice is much better than white, no chocolate either !
potatoes are OK, use real butter rather than margerine though.
No Milk or Ice Cream ! Some cheese is OK, but milk creates lots of mucus, not a goof thing here...
EAT NUTS ! get your protein and fatty acids from nuts, best thing to do, is get a trail mix, or mix with different kinds, like wallnuts, cashews, pecans...
EAT FISH ! high in vitamin D, and oils.
Steamed broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage are all great !
Use extra virgin olive oil, or a little real butter.
the grat thing is that salt is encourgaed, depnding on your restrictions (if any), and how long you stay in the sauna. Other spices are OK too.
Try to eat lots of fiber and bulk, like salads.
if you dont eat LOTS of it, but some, its cheap and great to have around for lowering blood pressure, and overall health.
Egyptians took garlic to leep them healthy.
The sulfur content stops you from getting sick !

Check with your DOC, if you have high blood pressure, heart problems or the like.
Do NOT take Mandrake if you are pregnant !

My version of this program is MUCH safer than the original though.

With my program, you can go as many days as you like. My program only lasts 5 days IF you do it full term.
There is a 3 day PRE-CLEANSE before the actual program (with NIACIN) starts.


Pre-Cleanse. (PC)
The first 3 days, you will follow the diet, and take herbs only.
The cleanses the bowels, and removes the water soluble toxins forst. This reduces the stress on the body, since you dont have to take any niacin, or sit in a sauna.

PC day 1
Take all of the vitamins and minerals, and follow the diet.
Take 1/2 teapoon of Mandrake root.
mandrake takes about 12 to 18 hours to work, by then you should have had 1-2 serious bowel movements.
Take 1 teaspoon of
Barberry Root.
Take 1 teaspoon of Red Clover
Take 1 teaspoon of Bilberry Leaf optional
Take 1 teaspoon of Alfalfa:
Take 1 teaspoon of Milk thistle
Drink 5 glasses of water (purified)
with at least 3 tablespoons of lemon juice in each.
Eat good, dont overeat, but make sure you eat the proper foods, no sugars.
Eat fruit, veggies and fiber only !

Do a 10 minute workout, and a 20 mins sauna.
This is just to get you used to the sauna, it will also get a few of the toxins out of you, so we can start the program clean.

PC day 2
REPEAT DAY 1, except the diet.
Today, all you can have is fruit and veggies with 1 course of nuts, and 1 course of fish. Do not eat a lot of anything. You should go to bed hungry !
Drink the lemon water, take all the herbs and vitamins as in day 1
No need to workout , or sauna

PC day 3

No need to workout , or sauna

Your Pre-Cleanse is over !


Main program day 1
Today, the diet should be exactly as PC DAY 2
NO MANDRAKE TODAY, lets take a break from that.
Take all the other herbs though as in PC DAY 2
The other thing we will do today is excercise, take niacin, and sweat !

BEFORE you start to exercise, make sure you HYDRATE, drink lemon water !
Lets GO....
You should do 3 sets of 20 reps of some kind of upper body training.
Pushups are OK, and if you can do more, please do !
Do 2 sets of 20 situps (or best you can)
Take 200mg of NIACIN NOW !!! (2 tablets)
Do (at least) 20 mins of cardio-vascular excersice
try for 30-35
Now its time to sit in the SAUNA (or hot tub or steam room).
Right away, dont wait. The Niacin is at its peak.
If you can, try and stretch your legs and arms while in the steam room,
its important to keep the blood moving at this time.
Try and stay in about 20 mins. This will depend on how hot it is, and how much YOU can take.
Your body should give you signals if there is trouble on the way, listen to it !
When you need to take a break, do it, then put on the ICY HOT, or other warming salve like Tiger Balm.
The break should not be more than 5 mins, but listen to your body !
Go back to the sauna for another 20 mins, and break again as needed.
Hot tubs are hotter than saunas and you may not be able to stay as long, thats OK, stay as long as comfotable. Then, go back in when you can, hopefully, the break should not last more than 5 mins.
Steam room temps are generally between sauna and hot tub temps.
You should have at least 1 hour of sauna time (maybe 45 mins of hot tub time)
Then , your DONE!
Take a COLD shower or bath when you are finished. This closes your pores, and stops germs from entering them, as well as invigorating the skin !
Make sure you HYDRATE !
Drink the lemon water.

Main program day 2
same as Niacin day 1, except, take 400mg of niacin
You can eat more today as well, you dont have to go to bed hungry.
No Mandrake today either.

Main program day 3
same as Niacin day 1, except, take 700mg of niacin
Eat normal, but watch WHAT you put in your mouth, dont overeat.
Today, we will take 1/2 teaspoon of mandrake again.
This is the last time,
but we want to get all those pesky toxins OUT of your body.

Main program day 4
Today is NO NIACIN !
We will just finish getting the toxins out the body, that the Niacin got moving around.
Light excersice, no need to follow strict guidelines, just get the old heart pumping, and hit the sauna.
eat well,and drink the lemon water.
Take all the herbs (except the mandrake)

ITs OVER, now you are DETOXED !

Adverse effects of overdose

Overdoses of Niacin can be extremely dangerous:

At doses of over 50mg, niacin (nicotinic acid) may cause transient itching, flushing, tingling, or headache. Niacinamide in the form that occurs naturally in the body (nicotinamide) is free of these effects. Large doses of niacin may cause nausea and may aggravate a peptic ulcer. Side effects may be reduced by taking the drug on a full stomach. At doses of over 2g daily (which have been used to treat hyperlipidaemia) there is a risk of gout, liver damage, and high blood sugar levels, leading to extreme thirst.
[John A. Henry, British Medical Association New Guide to Medicines and Drugs, 2000 edition]


I am NOT a doctor. This program was not created by me, but WAS altered by me. All of the vitamins and herbs here are over the counter, but that does not men that they CAN'T be dangerous. I recomnd anyone wanting to take this program READ about every vitamin and herb before they take it. I take no responsibility on your decision to take these supplements and herbs, you do so at your own free will.
If you feel that any of this may impact you negatively, please contact your physician, if you do decide to take them. This program was made for a healthy preson. If you have any medical problems, you should contact your doctor before starting the program.



Health, herbs, DETOXING, Vitamins and holistic medicine.

Ive been studyine this for YEARS.
I rn into something increadible several years ago, and had never blogged about it, so here it goes.
I had read a book called
I have no affiliation with the book, and no reason to support them, except that it wroks !
As a matter of fact, ive made my own changes to the program.
You need to read the whole book, but ill give a quick overview.

Even if you dont read the book, I wil provide my own 3 day detox, taking some of what i learned from this book, and adding my own herbs and other suggestions.

This is a DETOX program, that makes you feel WONDERFULL afterward.
To give you an idea of what it is capable of, i will post below a story i remember from readin the book.

A man who used to be a swim instructor took the program. Important to note, that at the time he started the program, he had not even used a POOL in years.
He took the niacin and went into the sauna to sweat.
The other people had to LEAVE the sauna, becuase the SMELL of CHLORINE was so strong, their EYES BURNED !

There are 2 types of toxins.
The first, are FAT SOLUBLE
The second are WATER

Water soluble toxins are often released by your body over time through sweating, peeing etc...
They dont usually stay in your body long.
Fat soluble toxins on the other hand, lodge in your brown fat cells, and ar often not released. They can stay there YEARS.
Examples of FAT soluble toxins are Laughing Gas
(what the dentist uses, or if you have surgery) and LSD.

Heres more on Fat soluble toxins...
The brain and the endocrine (hormonal) glands are fatty organs, and are common sites for fat-soluble toxins to accumulate. This may result in symptoms of brain dysfunction and hormonal imbalances, such as infertility, breast pain, menstrual disturbances, adrenal gland exhaustion and early menopause. Many of these chemicals (eg. pesticides, petrochemicals) are carcinogenic and have been implicated in the rising incidence of many cancers.

Wow !
I beleive that this program, or my alteration of it can STOP CANCER !
IF, you do this on a regular basis, along with HALTING the intake of cancer causing agents
(pesticides in foods, trans fats, other toxins) you will NEVER get cancer.
Can I be SURE about this claim, NO, but i beleive it whole heartedly !

Heres a bit more about the program, and below, I will add my herbal and other recomendations.
I will also add a GENERAL HEALTH blog in the future, which i will link to
HERE (if not here yet, come back!)


The program consists of taking NIACIN, along with other vitamins, and excersice, with a "sweat" in a sauna. or steam room.
The NIACIN is the key. Niacin (Vitamin B3) opens your veins which help bring toxins to the surface.
More importantly, it opens the smaller capilaries that dont usually get good blood flow.
If you have ever taken Niacin, it makes your face red, and ears tingle.
It is even used in the manufacture of some street drugs for that purpose.

Also important to note:
The military gives NIACIN to people who are exposed to radiation !

Excersice also hels increase blood flow, so the idea is to exercise and take the niacin.
At that point, you will have lots of OLD toxins in your blood stream.
It is important to get them out, so the best way is to SWEAT them out !
There are MANY benefits to sweating. One is to excrete toxins which takes the job off your liver and kidneys.
You dont have to use this program to gain benefits from sweating, i do it all the time at the gym. I use a steam room and sauna several times a week.
The skin is the largest organ in the body, and sweating helps to detox you. Its great for the skin as well.

Now, this books program is pretty hard on the body. It says to double your niacin intake every day for several days.
This puts a strain on you system, unless you sweat and take antioxidants as well, but the benefits are WELL worth it !
It is very important to stay with the diet in the book, because your body looses certian oils, minerals and vitamins when you sweat, and the program calls for several HOURS of sweating every day!

My modifications to the program include certian herbs that add minerals, and also help you DETOX.

Dandelion root
Dandelion root is one of the best natural sources of potassium., and whne sweating, thats probably the mineral you loose the most of. At the same time, Dandelion is a very powerful safe diuretic, which will help pull the toxins from your bladder and kidneys. This will take stress of them, which is important in this program.

Mandrake Root
When i first started using mandrake, there was virtually nothing about it on the web.
My motto, is to use an herb for several days (by itself) to experience its effect. I know exactly what this herb does.
You do have to be somewhat carefull of the dose, and pregnant women should NOT take it.
Mandrake hels your body get rid of blockages.
The main effect you will experience, is that it will make you GO to the bathroom (#2).
Unlike laxatives however, Mandrake doesnt soften the stool, but it instead makes the muscles in your intestines contract. There may be a feeling of constipation, but, in effect, this is the opposite of whats happeneing. When the muscles contract, they start to push out anything inside (the intestines) and elsewhere.
Mandrake has been effectivly used to get rid of GALLSTONES, and other blockages as well.

Take Mandrake 2 nights before you start the program. It will take about 24 hours for it to finish working. You should also take it 2 days into the program to rid your body of toxins that are collected in the intestines during the program.
Most people know how much better they feel after a healthy bowel movement, and Mandrake REALLY cleans you out ! It can also get rid of toxins that have been in your intestines for a long time. There are other ways to clean the bowels, but I think Mandrake should be included in this program.
Before using it, you should read up on it though, or email me at

Barberry Root (Oregon Grape Root)
Barberry has natural vitamin C, and bitter alkaloids that assist in detoxing the liver, and it also helps digestion.
Barberry is GREAT to help nullify and reduce toxins i the body, it is also an antioxidant.

Bilberry Leaf
Bilberry Leaf is being is used as an antioxidant, and is beneficial in the strengthening of red blood cells & capillaries around the eyes. By supplying added oxygen to the blood, Bilberry Leaf benefits all capillaries in the body to improve circulation to the hands and feet. Bilberry Leaf is rich in fatty acids, bioflavonoids, iron, zinc, and phosphorus. It also contains loeanolic and ursolic acids, magnesium, selenium, and trace amounts of sodium & calcium.

fatty acids and minerals are needed for this program to replace what is lost during sweating.
Since the capillaries are directly affected by the Niacin, strengthening them is another plus for this herb.

A couple of quick notes:
Selinuim is an excelent antioxidant, and works well with vitamin E. I would much preffer natural sources for this (and other vitamins, minerals)
Magnesium helps calcium absorbtion, and people usually dont get enough.
Look for sources of it in foods.
Vitamin D also helps calcium absorbtion, and there are a LOT of new studies that show most people DONT get enough vitamin D. SUNSHINE is the best source as it leaves no residuals, and turns vitamin D to D3. Benefits from sunshine FAR outweigh the possible cancer concerns, and if you use this program, the negative effects from sunshine will be REMOVED from your body.
Calcium: Many people get enough, usually, they just dont get enough vitamin D, or magnesium. When this happens, they can still get a calcium deficiency, even though they are getting enough calcium !

OK, this is just in intro.
Like i said, i have my own version of the "clear body clear mind" program.
My version is not to totally REAPLACE theirs, but, it is a smaller program for those who cant follow the book to the "TEE".


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