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Sunday, August 03, 2008


A Suggestion to FBI Investigators, RE: Anthrax...

I had trouble sleeping last night because one question (among many) that had long bothered me for years began to resurface regarding the 2001 Anthrax attacks on this nation. I don't know (actually I doubt) if the FBI has considered something interesting about the location of the mail box used to send the letters, post-dated September 18, 2001, specifically its location. Let's examine a few facts about the letters and their envelopes before I make my suggestion, as it will make more sense once we review the data:

1. The first set of letters were sent from Trenton, New Jersey
2. At least 1 letter was dated 9/11/2001
3. The envelopes, the first batch, were post-marked 9/18/2001

#2 and #3 would suggest that the letters were both written and stuffed with Anthrax spores sometime between 9/11/2001 and the early morning of 9/18/2001.

Now let's consider that anyone having had the ability to use (and somehow obtain) powered Anthrax, would also not want to be traveling long distances with the substance. So what kept nagging me all this time is why New Jersey? Of all the places to be right after 9/11, the last place for a bio-terrorist to be would be anywhere near the tri-state area, which was by then crawling with military, FBI, police, etc. I could not get near my apartment for 3 weeks, which was on Broad St. When I finally got to my neighborhood, I was stopped several times by military officers asking to see my ID, what my purpose was, and insisting on examining my packages (food I had to go above 14th to get). And I am a blond, downtown-type, that is to say, not someone who would fit the profile of a Muslim extremist. In other words, they were stopping everyone, elderly, male, female, black, white, brown, green or otherwise. The entire tri-state area was crawling with every government agency one can thing of. So I always found the Trenton location an odd choice for a bio-terrorist, who would have to risk being stopped or risk traveling with such a lethal set of packages.

What this also had always suggested to me is that the terrorist traveled by car, because one would have to carry on board a plane a lethal weapon that a). might be discovered, b). might leak, c). might get confiscated without anyone knowing what it was. There are far too many "ifs" and especially after 9/11, when airports looked like military outposts. Someone smart enough not to leave fingerprints would also be smart enough to use a car, not fly in/out with the substances.

So if the suspect was traveling by car, and likely not going a long distance with such a stash, then that could place the suspects whereabouts within the tri-state area itself between 9/11-9/18. This had always bugged me because how would one even start looking for someone with this type of expertise (50-100 people in the US, maybe) be located? Were there bio-weapons conferences going on in New York, New Jersey, or CT? Was there a a guest lecturer at any of the Universities during that time or scheduled around that time?

What suddenly struck me yesterday when Ft. Detrick was identified with a suspect for the third time now (the last two being apparently cleared before first being smeared) is that on September 12, 2001 New York was scheduled to host a joint "war game" or excerice with the New York Police Department and FEMA. The "game" they were scheduled to run was a bio-weapons incident in the city of New York.

Here is what suddenly struck me last night (and I am sure someone, somewhere before me has thought of this already): Red X and Tripod II.

In May of 2001, the city of NYC was told that we would be part of an exercise to test our emergency preparedness against a biological attack. This is nothing new, these types of drills are often done and are much needed to be prepared for an emergency (be it drills to test hurricane evacuation methods or wild fires, etc.). There is nothing sinister about these drills, so don't get crazy on me. Anyway, this May exercise was called Operation Red Ex (or Red X). What I had forgotten was that a similar operation was scheduled for September 12, 2001, called Operation Tripod II. Here is an account of OEM staff getting ready for the Tripod exercise:

"September 11 was going to be a busy day at the OEM. Staff members arrived early to prepare for Operation Tripod, an exercise that would test the plan to distribute antibiotics to the entire city population during a bioterrorism attack. The exercise was planned for September 12, with police and fire department cadets to be used as the simulated civilian population. Pier 92 was set up as a model distribution station where the "victims" of the mock attack who needed to receive antibiotics would be treated.

The OEM staff heard a plane fly over their building, an unusual sound at that location, then they heard a popping noise. The kevlar-lined walls of the Emergency Operations Center deadened the sound of the plane crashing into the 110-story North Tower, directly across from the OEM offices in World Trade Center Building 7. When the building shook at 8:46, New York City Police Department (NYPD) Inspector John Odermatt, OEM's Commissioner, thought the event might have been a freak accident involving a ground-to-air missile. OEM staff members began to open the Command Center on the twenty-third floor, but moments later, they received a message that an airplane had hit the North Tower. From their window, the OEM staff could see the fireball and could see people running from the building, as paper floated through the air. At 9:03, a second plane hit the South Tower. Forty minutes later, a third plane struck the Pentagon. The nation was under attack."

Maptrentonfedrick The exercise had everyone in hazmat suits and there was even a mini bio lab created as part of the stage craft. So no one would have thought it odd that someone in a hazmat suit was playing with powder in a lab, it was an exercise, so why would they not be, right? Now, to get from NYC to Ft. Detrick one would take the I95 route, which would take them through where? Trenton. Look at the map to the left (click to enlarge). A four hour trip.

My suggestion for the FBI is to find out what scientists were part of Tripod II, narrow down which ones drove the 4 hour path back to Ft. Detrick, and then you might get some answers.

unimaginable that anyone can think that the anthrax attacks were not tied to 9/11
Some of the letters were sent BEFORE 9/11
this was NOT a copycat terrorist.

Supposedly this TERRORIST (IVINS) bought a gun
and a bullet proof vest and told his therapist that he was

He decided instead to kill himself taking too many VICODEN ?
A son of a pharmacist, and a PHD in biomedicine and thats the best he could come up with ?


The anthrax letters said variations of this...


- Was IVINS a radical MUSLIM ??? -

FACT: Anthrax has the same type of "TERROR" effect
that the 9/11 attacks did.

FACT: In 2003 Ivins received the highest non-military award there is from the Pentagon.

FACT: On approximately 4 Sept. 2001 AMI received a fan letter containing powder and a star of David, addressed to actress Jennifer Lopez

FACT: the Washington Post reported in 2006 that the FBI no longer believes the anthrax was weaponized.

FACT: anthrax was mailed only to democrats and democratic members of the media

FACT: an anonymous letter accusing a former USAMRIID scientist of plotting terrorism was sent to police BEFORE any anthrax letters or disease were reported.
The letter contains evidence that the anonymous writer had probably worked at USAMRIID.
This letter may also come from the anthrax perpetrator.


read Project Anthrax


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