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Tuesday, February 19, 2008




Netwerk Secure - Support, Services, - WIFI - \ Wireless Experts

SCAM FRAUD technician / computer repair

do NOT work for these people

they want to pay $35 for you to go across town to pick up a part,
(like a hard drive, or motherboard)
then bring it to the customer, install it, and make the computer work.
There is no support, they do not pay mileage, parking, tools, or anything else

This is HP ( Hewlett Packard ) authorized service center
and they are a total joke.
The part that is shipped, is always the wrong part
On 1/2 of the jobs i did, they gave me emails with incorrect part numbers
or tracking numbers.

It also took an act of congress to get paid the measly $35 per job
Netwerk Secure


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