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Friday, August 03, 2007

www.firstechcomputers.com SCAM

I got an email asking me if i wanted a contract job (computer technician)
I was told i would be paid $100 to install a POS at Brookstone
(in New Orleans)
I was told it would take about an hour.

When i got to the job it was 4 POS systems including a server
the job took 5 hours adn i had to pay $15 to park

It took me 2 months to get paid and i got a check for $67
what a SCAM !

www.firstechcomputers.com are a SCAM

I even sent them back the original email saying i would get $100
they said no contract gets paid more than what i got.

I dont know how they do business
i guess they get people to do 1 job for them then quit.

wandwconsulting.comn is also involved somehow
But First Tech Computers are the ones who scammed me.

Since i had seen Wells Fargo as the people paying me
i figured it was legit
But it looks like they just use Wells Fargo for the money end of it
and they have nothing to do with how much i get paid


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